About Well Preserved


Well Preserved came about by enjoying a hobby of making jam and marmalade and later chutney for friends and colleagues at Tourist Board Day Out Fairs over 30 years ago.

The hobby and enjoyment of selling preserves then became a fundraiser for Didcot’s Christmas Street Fair when it started in 1993 raising over £1,000 each year. The first craft fair attended was at Hagbourne School near Didcot where the Street Fair Committee were given a small table to give out leaflets and sell some jam. Despite only selling half a dozen jars a booking was made to take a stand at the same event the following May, but this time in the school library. That started the craft fair circuit and the experience gained from other exhibitors encouraged a more professional look to the stand, labelling and range of produce.

Customers interest in home made produce has increased in recent years and more people are enjoying chutneys and pickles than ever before. Customers at fairs often share their recipes or ask for an ’old favourite’ usually that made by their mother or grandmother.

Well Preserved produce can be purchased at a variety of events around Oxfordshire and stocked in selected delis and small farm shops.   

Well Preserved entered The UK Taste Awards for the first time in July 2006, and was pleased to be awarded Silver for Seville Marmalade. In 2007 Gold for Damson Jam and in 2008 Gold for Mustard Piccallili . They are all on sale at Farmers Markets and other events.

Production of any food for consumption and sale to the general public requires a number of inspections and standards to be attained. 

Well Preserved has:

Kitchen Inspection
Basic Hygiene Certificate
Public Liability Insurance
Product Insurance 
Member of National Markets Traders Association 

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